The Church of God By Faith (C.O.G.B.F.) was founded and established in 1914 in Jacksonville, Florida. 
In 1922 a charter was drafted, which is known today as Church Of God By Faith, Incorporation.

The founding Fathers were: Crawford Bright, Elder John Bright, Elder Aaron Matthews, Sr. and Elder Nathaniel Scippio.  Hubert Steadman became the first Executive Secretary and Editor for the Sunday School literature and various inspirational publications.

The Church Of God By Faith in West Park (formerly West Hollywood) was established in the 1950’s under the pastorage of Elder Albert and Mother Mary Lue Bridges and under the leadership of Superintendent Elder George Robinson.

Deacon Henry and Mother Annabella Ogletree donated their lot with a house on it to Pastor Albert and Mary Lue Bridges, which they converted it into a church. Elder Leroy and Willie Archer Boone came to assist Pastor Bridges and his congregation. Later in his ministry, Pastor Albert Bridges was assigned to Brown Sub, which is now known as Brownsville, Florida. At that time, Elder Leroy Boone was appointed pastor of Church of God By Faith Hollywood.

Many Pastors have served the Greater Horizons congregation over the last 50 years. These Pastors include:

  • Elder Albert and Mary Lue Bridges (1950’s)
  • Elder Leroy and Willie Archer Boone (1950’s -1962)
  • Elder Moses and Mae Etta Smith (1963-1965)
  • Elder Charles and Lula Hampton Sr. (1966-1972)
  • Elder Jerome and Willie Pearl Dunmore (1973-1979)
  • Elder Willie C. and Annie Smith Sr. (1980-1989)
  • Elder Daniel & Margaret Gainey (1990-2004 )
  • Dr. Larry and Eleanor Lee (2005-2010) 
  • In December of 2010, Elder Jimmy McDuffie along with his wife Mayetta was appointed pastor. 

Under the leadership of Elder Daniel E. Gainey, the church governing council and congregation agreed to accept the designation of an extension to the church name to denote its significant identity. The church official name became Greater Horizons Church of God By Faith as it currently stands.

In summary, Greater Horizons Church Of God By Faith has a rich and deep history; steeped in tradition, focused on the future and rooted in Christianity.